4/18/19 –

On May 24 for our Memorial Day-Armed Forces Night we are excited to welcome the United State Air Force as they will be Swearing in some of their finest young men and women into the Delay Entry Program out of Central, PA. These Future Airmen will be raising their right hand and taking the Oath of enlistment, they will be answering Our Nations call, in order to defend and protect our Great Nation.

⁃ Stop by the AF Booth and learn more about the AF opportunities.
⁃ Staff Sergeant Alfonso Martinez Air Force Representative
⁃ Covering Dubois, PA and surrounding areas. Feel free to browse their website: Airforce.com


4/14/19 –

We are this weeks feature in the Dirt Warriors blog on USDirt.com



3/30/19 –

We would like to announce the addition of Pure Stocks to the 2019 Season. The division will be sponsored by Watt Lumber Inc Buyers of Standing Timber. We will follow Hummingbird Rules with the Pure Stock division. We will add the payout to our webpage in the coming weeks.

3/12/19 –

Giving back to the FANS!

On a few regular race nights this season we will have a “Discounted Town Night” in 2019. We will pick a town and any one with a valid address on their drivers license for that town will be admitted to the grandstands for $5. First 10 people from that town will get a free grandstand pass! We are doing this to promote the speedway to new people and give existing fans a thank you for coming each and every week to support us.
We will announce the town on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter the week before the schedule town race.
(If there is a scheduling change or a prior rain date needs made up, we will switch the date


2/26/19 –

There is an addition to our schedule for the night of July 12th. There will be a $2000 to win Semi Lates race (non points) Presented by TECAM Enterprises, CAM General Contracting and T English Construction.  Lap money and prizes will be collected for the race. Also that night is Grady’s Decision Night and will include Late Models, Street Stocks and FWDs. More Details in the upcoming months

2/15/19 –

Driver Registration Forms and W-9s can be found on the documents page.   Feel free to bring them to Test and Tune or the first race.  Thanks!

1/13/19 –

Reserved Parking for the 2019 Season is now available. The parking map and form is available in Documents 

The price to reserve a spot is $100 for each. All information for reserving and payment is on the form/map. You may also contact us on Facebook or by email (rmmotorsportsllc@yahoo.com) to reserve.

If you have already contacted us about a spot, you are already marked down and just need to send payment by March 29th.

1/5/2019 – Our 2019 Schedule is posted:


11/14/18 –

The 2019 Semi Late Divison rules have been updated and are located on our rules page.

Thank you everyone who came this past Saturday to the meeting to share your input.

After conversations with Hummingbird Speedway management both tracks Semi Late rules will be the same.